Hey Cerrone Clan!

Get yourself a CERRONE.ME Email and/or a Website FREE

You can get a you@cerrone.me email and a website you.cerrone.me

You can have a website, a blog, share photos, make it private or public.

Email Features

  • Access your email anywhere, anytime.
  • Quickly find any email by searching for keyword, date or other criteria.
  • Easily customize and schedule out-of-office communications. Even from your smartphone!
  • Organize your messages by dragging and dropping them into folders.
  • Read and manage your RSS feeds and blogs all in one place from the Workspace Homepage.
  • Junk email filter keeps your inbox clean with strong virus, spam and fraud protection.
  • Secure Email.

Website Features:

  • Can be built in popular web programs such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal
  • Can be forwarded to popular web building programs such as wix.com
  • Photo galleries, forums, blogs etc, etc anything can be done!

Technical Details

  • Email space is limited and on a first come first served basis
  • Email Forwards are available if you don't want another inbox to check example you@cerrone.me just sends email to you@aol.com
  • Accounts can be setup on your smartphone! (POP3 Only)
  • Access Email from any computer using C-MAIL!
    or Outlook or Apple Mail
  • Secure Mailboxes with Tough Anti-Spam
  • Free Websites - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix.com or FTP access for your own custom designed site.


  • First of all you should be a Cerrone to get this if not and you think this is a cool idea and want one for your family let me know and I can work out something with you.
  • Email Space is limited I currently have 1GB (or 10 Accounts) of space to spread out for everyone I plan to upgrade at some point with additional space.
  • When email is forwarded to a different email account you won't be able to respond with you@cerrone.me since it's not sending from there.
  • Using email to spam - Big no-no don't do it.
  • No Copywritten / trademarked content - Big no-no don't put media that doesn't belong to you on your website.

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